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Live Big, Life Coaching

Live Big, Life Coaching

Live Big, Life Coaching

Live Big, Life Coaching

Mid-Life Awakenings
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Coaching Mid-Life Awakenings
You’ve lived a lot already.  You’re in your 50’s or 60’s and you’ve accomplished some incredible things.  But deep in your heart, you know that you can’t keep going the way you have been.

You’ve spent decades putting your energies into providing, supporting others, and you know that your time here isn’t endless; you are dying to engage and connect with your truest self.  You know that if you don’t make some changes now, they may never happen—and that is simply NOT AN OPTION.

Something inside of you is urgently calling you to move away from “doing” in the way you have been and more towards a renewed sense of “being”. 

If you’re an accomplished professional, having achieved and arrived at a high performing, prestigious place after so many years, you may feel unable to continue to bear the soul deadening qualities of your current work culture. 

You hear the call to tend your inner life but you aren’t able or interested in retiring yet. You may even be experiencing health compromises because of the level of stress and lack of consciousness permeating your daily life. 

Or perhaps you are simply a creative, spiritual soul who finds yourself stuck and shut down in ways that hold you back from living the life you know is yours. You spend too much of your time care-taking others or hiding from truly being seen because of the patterns that are left over from your earlier life. 

These old ways of being might have served you well when you were younger, but now they are just getting in between you and a sense of fulfillment. 

If  any of this resonates with you, and you hear the “yes, that’s me” button being touched, let’s set up a free chat to discuss your situation.  There is another way to live.

“It has been AWESOME working with you Julie.  I feel like our time together put me in a catapult and has thrown me forward!”
Cathy Schwab




One client went from being a chameleon to a queen.  She didn’t realize she wasn’t taking care of her own needs and now she is clear about what she wants in life and how to go for it.

One client, a mother and business owner, went from feeling her dreams were peripheral and untouchable to having them be at the center of her daily life. 

One client went from feeling extremely self critical to experiencing self compassion and “getting” what others loved about her.   

One client, a highly successful professional, wanted to find work that he loved. He developed spiritual practices and found a profound freedom in his life without needing to leave his job.   

One client experienced physical discomfort and headaches as he overrode his own feelings to keep up with his responsibilities. He now writes poetry, paints, and works with his dreams as a way to be in touch with who he now knows himself to be. 

Each coaching partnership is as unique as you are.  Contact Julie to explore what working together might look like.   


 Julie offers coaching packages and breakthrough individual sessions.
Contact Julie for a complementary coaching session or for more information.

“Thank you again and again for helping me prepare the way for many awesome changes. I so appreciate your non-judgmental, encouraging and deeply loving ways.  My psyche is allowed to relax and unfold as it will. 
I feel closer to the joy now.”  
Jess Webb