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An Intuitive Painting Experience

For The Love of Color
Saturday September 23  10am-5pm

$155 Includes materials

My next scheduled painting workshop is coming soon in September and is called “For the Love of Color”. 

There is nothing like putting a stroke of color on the canvas that excites you.  Sometimes that color for me is magenta, but sometimes it’s taupe.  No kidding.  My mind says, “What can possibly be exciting about taupe?”

 I can only tell you that sometimes a stroke of light brown or grey can light you up from the inside out in a way that is completely right brain.  Unexplainable.  Sometimes it’s the dark colors that open up new feelings–the deep purples, the  dark browns, black!  Or perhaps it will be the light colors that speak to you next time you pick up a brush–I can get lost in lavender and pale pinks for a long long time.

It’s exciting–this adventuring with colors–to let go of the need to control what’s you’re making, to allow yourself to discover colors along the way. This workshop is a great opportunity to open up your life through acrylic paint, color and play.

September is beautiful in Santa Fe–hope to see you in the studio. 

Julie Claire

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