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Live Big, Life Coaching

Live Big, Life Coaching

Live Big, Life Coaching

Live Big, Life Coaching

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The transformational journey

You’ve lived a lot already. You’ve accomplished some incredible things.  But deep in your heart, you know that you can’t keep going the way you have been. You are hiding and you know it.  And the work of your life, that which you care about most, is begging that you make a shift from hiding to being more creatively sourced and soul connected. 

You are being called into a new version of yourself—one where you are showing up in the world honest, real and in your creative presence able to give and receive in a new way. You have come to the point where only a fundamental energy shift in how you source your life and your presence will do.  

You are exhausted from second guessing yourself, worn thin from repeated self doubt and fear.  You are called to stop the inner diminishment and to begin to love those parts of yourself that may be  different from the status quo or what you think others expect of you. 

You long for a deep trust between you and the Universe where you feel guided, led by intuition and creatively fulfilled.   

 If  any of this resonates with you, and you hear the “yes, that’s me” button being touched, let’s set up a free chat to discuss your situation.   

“When I started with Julie I was feeling lost and confused as to how and why I didn’t feel a creative force in my life anymore, bogged down by a ton of unnecessary pressure that I was placing on myself.

 It has made all the difference to maintain a creative practice and to listen to my gut more.  Being able to identify when I need to say no and yes has been a life changer.
Lauren Lubell,  designer, artist (California) 




She shifted her identity from a massage teacher to a spiritual retreat leader, holding space for others in a whole new way. She now feels current and in deep alignment with her inner calling.

SHE came out of hiding as an artist and got real about doing her artwork as a stabilizing force in her daily life—she went from wanting to get into the studio but not getting there to having shows, selling her artwork, creating a large San Francisco public mural and being the subject of an award winning art film. She is living her dream. 

HE transformed his very core beliefs about who he is and how he shows up in the world.  A high achieving chief medical officer, he changed his employment and began working for a new hospital more in alignment with his values; he developed a steady creative practice of painting and writing poetry which gave him a whole new in-road to his voice and his inner experience and how he expresses himself. 

SHE went from feeling cut off from her creative voice, feeling stuck in what used to be a glamorous creative job and having debilitating pain in her back to starting a production company, establishing a daily spiritual healing practice for her mental and physical health, and getting married.

HE went from feeling oppressed at work and feeling unsatisfied with the track his life was on to being deeply immersed in a daily spiritual practice, finding great adventure in weekend road trips and experiencing his life as a blank page rather than a box.

Each coaching partnership is as unique as you are.  Contact Julie to explore what working together might look like.   


 Julie offers coaching packages and breakthrough individual sessions.
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“For me finding the type of “work” you do was like finding someone in a foreign country who speaks the same language you do.  There is an immediate deep breath and relaxation when that happens.

Specifically, I love the way you keep the mood informal but have a deep focus and ask such interesting probing, thought-provoking, motivating questions. For my temperament you allow me to speak and give healthy pauses in our conversations.

Over the years I have created my own definition of a professional or expert.  Someone who can relatively effortlessly come along side another and meet them “wherever” they ARE.  beginner; intermediate; advanced.  You do that.”

 Eric Cornwell