Sourced & Creative Intuitive Painting + Workshops

 El Rito, New Mexico 87530

This is what I help people get to:  being more creative, intuitively guided, and empowered in your life and work.
Intuitive painting is a great beginning.  Want to join in?

I’ve been leading intuitive painting workshops for around 18 years.  Over time, they have morphed into days of conscious play.  We  focus on intuitive painting but they also include some movement, poetry, music, and other spontaneous moments to help things happen.  

They are designed to help you free yourself from old energies and provide you with a sacred and playful container in which to discover yourself anew.

We use acrylic paint, on large pieces of paper or canvas on the wall.  We listen to poems that inspire us.  We move our bodies in ways that connect us to what’s taking shape.  We come together with likeminded women and men and enjoy the power of group energy, all in the spirit of nonjudgment.  

My art studio is now in El Rito New Mexico (87530) near my house I have lived in with my husband and assorted animals since 2000.  El Rito is located between Abiquiu and Ojo Caliente.  It feels expansive inside with its super high ceilings, big windows, wood stove for warmth, and plenty of painting space.  Outside you are surrounded by high desert fields, mountain views and the slow pace of rural Northern New Mexico.  It takes just over an hour to get to Santa Fe or to Taos from here.  There are places to overnight on AirBnb, VRBO, the Abiquiu Inn,  Ojo Caliente Hot Springs, etc.

At this time you will need to email me to register and pay.  Please let me know if you have questions.

I look forward to seeing you in the studio!
Julie Claire

“It was a day out of time for me, an opportunity to focus on letting go of perfectionism and trusting risk in a safe and creative environment. I found it thrilling, satisfying, and a whole lot of fun!”


Sourced & Creative Workshops
Intuitive Painting +

Late Summer/ Fall 2024 Schedule: August and October dates coming soon 
Sundays 10am-4pm.  $175/workshop. Email Julie to register

When we feel fully creatively expressed, we show up more joyful in our lives.

And yet as adults many of us have been conditioned out of our natural joie de vivre and into a state of over-thinking, over-giving, over-doing.  

I design these workshops to make it easy for you to pick up a paintbrush and connect with a greater sense of freedom.  I also include movement and centering practices, poetry and spontaneous group play.   

Being creative like this changes us.  Shows us something.  Talks to us. Expands us. Inspires us.  And can be so much fun.   

We gather in sacred space, in a small group setting, in Julie’s El Rito studio, a beautiful rural setting only one hour from Santa Fe and Taos. 

Beginners Welcome.  


“Julie, A profound weekend for me…Your affirmation and stimulation of painting, poetry, music and group sharing are a powerful catalyst.  i saw the doors open and i stepped through.  Thank you.”

William C. Page

“My inside critical voice is LOUD. What I most feared was not liking what I created. The greatest gift of the retreat was the sacred nature of the process. The experience of being alone with myself, though surrounded by gentleness, in the quiet company of others, allowed me to savor the experience.  I am grateful for your unusual gift of creating safety and belonging. I look forward to spending  more time in the studio.”

Janie Oakes