“Thank you, Julie!  I feel so fortunate to be in the class.  What an amazing group of people, they give me hope for humanity.  Thanks for bringing us together with your energy. .”

Art as a Tool for Finding Your Deepest Happiness

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Have you ever felt the call to be more creative and to have a richer, deeper, and more fulfilled life but did not know how to reach it or get there? Maybe you didn’t know the right words to describe the life you want or couldn’t even tell someone else what you were feeling because words somehow escape you ~ even if you spend your professional life as a lawyer or an educator where words are your essential tools of trade? Don’t fret. Try drawing or painting what you feel. Forget trying to capture those feelings in words. Just draw or paint and let the art lead you.

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You are invited to — 

The Creative Cure for Anxious Times

Join Julie Claire for a 75 minute complimentary group session to release anxiety, relax your mind, and tune into your creative spirit!

Together we will:

  • Meditate, release, and relax
  • Spontaneously draw, with childlike freedom & joy
  • Paint & enjoy ourselves

We meet online via Zoom conference. All you need is a computer with wifi, a pencil & paper, and if you have them— pastels, paint or anything else you want to play with.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Just click “going” on the Facebook event, and use the zoom link you see in the event location spot!

Donations are appreciated, but not required. Donate via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/julieclaire

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Creative at the Wheel

Podcast with Julie Claire

What happens when we go off script and find ourselves taking the road less travelled?

What does it look like when we say yes to a crazy idea and find ourselves on a transformational journey where we are never the same again?

In this podcast, every two weeks I talk with creative luminaries who share their personal and professional adventures of tuning into their own inner guidance system–whether it be serendipity, intuition or the wisdom of their ancestors–and what came next. 

May your own desire for transformation and reinvention be strengthened by what they have to say.  

One on One Coaching with Julie

I always felt too emotional and too sensitive for the world, underestimating the power of my intuitive, creative self; now I lead with the creativity and sensitivities I used to hide.  I know what it takes to build your self-trust and soul connection so that you show up fully yourself in your work and in the world.

I’ve mentored hundreds of women to connect the work of their lives to the voice of their souls.

The world needs your honesty and realness.

The world needs your full creative expression.

Let’s start now.


“Julie is deeply intuitive and can move with care and compassion and joyfully into spaces no one else would think to go.”
Jan Johnson, Santa Fe


Julie’s approach makes it easy to release your inner perfectionist and find your creative flow in a sacred space infused with heart and spirit.


Unfurl your creative spirit in the inspired landscapes of Northern New Mexico.  Surprising things happen here!


You want an art life that sings not sputters. As an artist myself with over a decade in facilitating creative process,  I have valuable insights that will unleash your creative flow. 


Sacred space, beginners’ mind, and your unique voice.