Artists and creative professionals thrive in unconventionality. They reinvent themselves and find their way through impossible situations.  In these interviews, we explore the grit and grace of their journey and discover what they hope to experience next.  

What have they been through that has changed their trajectory?  What questions are they never asked and wished they were?  We spend approximately 45 minutes together and the conversation itself is creative play.  

Whether you are interested in gathering more faith and courage in your own creative life or simply enjoy hearing others share how 1 +1 has equaled 3 in their life, we hope you enjoy these intimate, heart to heart, playful conversations.

The Episodes

Koans and creative practice with Piper Leigh

Koans and creative practice with Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh walks us through how the spiritual practice of koans has impacted her creative life. Her life as a poet, multi media artist and organizational creativity leader celebrate a sense of wandering, presence and spacious storytelling.

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