Julie in El Rito studio with paintings

Coaching / Mentoring Young Creative Professionals

You are in your twenties/thirties and want a life that is both creative and financially rewarding.  You know that your brilliance is directly linked to your creative approach to everything you do; but your work life is demanding that you be much less creatively edgy than you had hoped and is simply much more left brain than you had intended.  You find yourself way too focused on meeting external expectations and you are feeling the cost of that.

You are proud of the success you have already had stepping into the professional world. You know that you can’t just follow your dreams without thinking of money and the practical side; but somehow creativity and work have become strangers.  And this is keeping you up at night. 

Your big issue is being able to be both your deep down innovative creative self AND make progress in the professional environment you find yourself in. 

My experience is this:  You don’t have to choose between the two—creativity and finances.  In fact, reinvigorating your creative, spontaneous self is key to flourishing professionally in the long run. This energy is great at discovering hidden doors of opportunity and dreaming up next moves.  

Besides, creativity is simply too big a part of who you are to let it fall by the wayside for your personal sanity. 

Whether this creativity is paying the bills or purely after hours, you need to reinvigorate this part of yourself in order to find your flow and be sustainable. 

If you would like to explore how we might partner together in re-aligning your life so you feel you are living vitally, authentically and with plenty of spirit, contact me and we can have a short conversation or complementary discovery session. 

“When I started with Julie I was feeling lost and confused as to how and why I didn’t feel a creative force in my life anymore, bogged down by a ton of unnecessary pressure that I was placing on myself. 

 It has made all the difference to maintain a creative practice and to listen to my gut more.  Being able to identify when I need to say no and yes has been a life changer. 
Lauren Lubell,  designer, artist (California) 


 Julie offers coaching packages and breakthrough individual sessions.
Contact Julie for a complementary discovery session or for more information.

“After coaching with  Julie, I have more and more energy available to do what I say I am going to do. It’s possible for me to put that energy into my own creative work and toward being there for others.

I eliminated some potentially stressful situations for myself and I don’t repress emotions as much in my body in a negative way”
Jeanne Lambert, designer (New Mexico)