Decoupling My Identity From Work and Money with Danielle Cadhit

This transformational tale is a fairy tale for modern times—how the young successful consultant left it all and prioritized her love of life.  

After being successful as a corporate consultant to big pharma, she experienced burnout and went on a sabbatical where she prioritized her gut experience and her playful side.  She ultimately reinvented herself in a way that honors her playfulness, and creativity as much as her work savvy and innovation. She is no longer defined by her money or her job. 

This tale inspires all of us to heed the signs of deep discontent and not be lured by success; instead, to find another way to live, even if it means leaving something you’re good at.

  • The gifts and challenge of being born to immigrant parents 
  • The script of success
  • Her big pharma consulting success at an early age
  • Burnout
  • Her turn towards nonprofit work
  • The ball pit and her return to play
  • A seven month sabbatical
  • No longer being defined by her job/money
  • Coming home to herself