Exploring Identity with Millennial Healer and Artist Alex Stoller

Alex Stoller lives in Santa Fe New Mexico and is an artist, a healer and a millennial finding her own way in today’s pandemic world.  Here she talks with Julie about her “new archetype” card deck she recently created and her relationship to drawing, sketchbooks and healing.  Alex has taught Feldenkrais method, is a multiple time acupuncture school drop-out obsessed with Chinese medicine and loves to express herself with India Ink drawings.  

  • Bringing satire to the world she sees
  • Identity as branding in today’s world
  • When identity becomes pathology
  • Her appreciation of Feldenkrais and the healers path
  • Being mentored by great healers

Alex Info:

Website:  https://www.alexstoller.com/product-page/the-new-archetypes-oracle-deck

Jeffey yuen– actupuncturist reference:  https://daoisttraditions.edu/our-college/jeffrey-yuen-acupuncture-conferences/