From Zimbabwe to Scotland, Against All Odds, with Donald Hargrove.

 Donald Hargrove’s most recent collection of digital paintings “The Landscape of Origins” is an exquisite testimony to his connection to nature and the essence of life.

From a young age, Donald Hargrove knew he wanted to be an artist.  Born and raised in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia then), Donald’s life was shaped by deep friendships with his neighbors, his love of the land, and the joy he first experienced at the Mzilikazi Art Centre.

Most recently, he survived extraordinary surgeries that saved his life from a disease that took his right arm, shoulder girdle and major musculature on one side, and reconnected him with his love of art making during the intense lockdowns of Covid in Scotland.

He is exhibiting again, and shares his journey of healing and creative discovery here with Julie.

Donald’s Info:

  • Growing up in Zimbabwe during such an intense period of history. (When it was still Rhodesia)
  • Finding his dream of being an artist
  • Attending art school in Scotland and then living in London as an active artist
  • Surviving a catastrophic health event and returning to art teaching
  • The gift of COVID and his new relationship to art