How A One Way Ticket To New Zealand Changed My Life with Susie Pan

Susie Pan was born in China, raised in Canada and has moved and travelled for much of her young life.  She has now worked in seven countries and visited over 40 for startups and large corporations.

In 2020, After 5 years working in Toronto, Susie quit her job, packed her life into 2 backpacks, and bought a 1-way ticket to New Zealand without much of a plan. After dealing with multiple family deaths, her goal was to have a year of deep rest, reflection, and exploration. During this time, she lived out of a van, worked on a farm, helped local businesses get online for COVID, and deeply reflected on what she wanted next in life and career. 

And she made a core shift in her life.  Today I get to talk to Susie about what changed that made a whole new relationship with herself and her work possible. 

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