How Meditation Changed Everything with Martin Stepek


Martin Stepek’s free weekly mindfulness class in his hometown of Hamilton Scotland was the largest of its kind in Britain for years. During the CoVID shutdowns, Martin went online and for 15 months he hosted a daily mindfulness experience on FaceBook live with as many as 3000 people attending at times. He called this grand experiment “Ten for Zen”.

Here Martin talks with Julie about how mindfulness entered his life and reshaped him from the inside out.  He shares how it was a dream come true being able to offer a free mindfulness class to his home community that welcomed his birth family in when they needed it most. 

Martin’s Info: – my take on my family business story and experiences, and how mindfulness helps. – my free mindfulness sessions on video. Over 800 sessions including dozens of videos of mindful walks here in Scotland, all four seasons. – my books on Amazon

My favourite explanation of mindfulness and its benefits, from Professor Mark Williams, University of Oxford’s Centre for Mindfulness

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