The Creative Cure for Anxious Times

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The Creative Cure for Anxious Times

Join Julie Claire for a 75 minute complimentary group session to release anxiety, relax your mind, and tune into your creative spirit!

Together we will:

  • Meditate, release, and relax
  • Spontaneously draw, with childlike freedom & joy
  • Paint & enjoy ourselves

We meet online via Zoom conference. All you need is a computer with wifi, a pencil & paper, and if you have them— pastels, paint or anything else you want to play with.

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We are in a time of great uncertainty, of not knowing what the future will bring; we are being required to be nimble in how we approach our lives, our careers, our futures. What five year plan, right?!

Many of us think too much.

We go to our head but instead of epiphany or insight we get the endless loop of figuring things out.

And our anxiety goes up.

And the overwhelm goes up.

For many of us creatives, drawing is a life saver.

Drawing as a release, as self discovery, as play time, as switching from the left brain obsession into right brain flow.

When we flow, we are in tune, we feel guided, we swim with the current instead of against it.

In flow, we know the next one right move—we can feel it.

In flow, we have access to our inspired self, to our creative mindset, to our brilliance.

This is where we thrive. And this is The Creative Cure for Anxious Times

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