Julie's Fundraiser

Welcome to My Art Fundraiser

All the funds I raise here will go to helping me pay for ongoing medical expenses and having the time I need to gently come back to my coaching and creativity offerings. I feel so grateful and exuberant to have come through major surgery and medical treatments beginning last September.

I’m healing and feeling so much better but I’m not fully out in the world yet–I’m still working towards that.  Putting my artwork out like this is a bold step for me as I begin to share my own creativity in new ways with all of you.

I love painting and hope you find great enjoyment in some of the work below.

The paintings:

The paintings you see below all have nice clean images—the painting part of the painting. AND many of them have scuffs, paint marks, or imperfections outside the image. I am expecting you to either mat the paper, stretch the canvas, and/or frame these images once you get them.  You will see the clean image in the main photo—but then I also share other images where you see what you’ll see when you get your painting in the mail. Doing things this way allows me to ship the paintings safely and affordably and allows you to present them as you prefer—everyone has their own aesthetic for framing.


I want to price affordably. I feel best putting out a minimum price that feels good energetically.  If you are able and want to pay more, please do.

To purchase:

As soon as you know you want to buy one, just let me know which one and I’ll let you know the shipping cost and give you a payment link.  (Zelle, Venmo, personal check, PayPal only if necessary since it’s so expensive). This will be first come first serve.  The first person who selects a particular painting to buy will get the painting.

To donate without receiving a painting:

Please use my Go Fund Me page.  I am not allowed to give paintings in response to Go Fund Me donations, so make sure to only use this button if you aren’t getting a painting.  Thanks!

Thank you for all your support, your friendship, your interest in my life and creative work.  It means the world to me.



Painting Gallery

Click each painting to read more about it. You can also use the tabs to sort by Donation suggestion. Shipping costs still to be added.