Show Up and Paint

Where creatives of all kinds gather together to paint (or draw or collage) in the spirit of nonjudgment and creative freedom.

You know how wonderful it can feel to roll your sleeves up and get the paint brushes out, but so often creative play gets put on hold, stays on the shelf undone. Aargh!

It can feel overwhelming to find the time and space to paint if you’ve got any fear around being “good” or if you have a life that easily fills in with work, family, other “stuff”.

How do you get started? Once started, how do you make your creative life a real part of your schedule? And where can you turn if your inner critic gets a bit overzealous?

It’s an incredible feeling to give yourself the gift of creative time—time specifically dedicated to tuning into your inner artist and finding out what’s coming through the pipeline that day.

It’s crucial that this time is grounded in non-judgment and the spirit of play.  And it’s a prayer answered to have your very own creativity coach there with you in case you get stuck.

This is exactly what Show Up and Paint gives you.

All you have to do is show up

This becomes your container of time, just for painting (drawing, collaging etc). You don’t have to know what you’re going to do.  You just need to get on the call.  Away from the laundry lists and to do’s, you will be gently guided into direct relationship with your muse.  You don’t even have to spend time in the car getting to class–now that’s incredible!

You don’t have to go it alone.

Show Up and Paint is based on the notion that the strength of our group energy makes us individually stronger. Gathering with others to create stimulates the part of you that is hungry to pick up the brush.  Our sessions can be like a creative ignition, all the while giving you a sense of belonging with others who value creativity like you do.

You will flourish in the safe space and with the group energy.

What is your favorite part about class?

“All of it–the intro questions, meditation, sharing, input from Julie, and the committed creativity time.”
“Connecting with the group and giving myself the space to paint”

“Not one favorite thing, but several: the structure of meeting regularly the community of SUAP the open, encouraging atmosphere created by Julie”

“I appreciate the space together where it feels that wherever we are inside or with the process of painting is welcome and I appreciate feeling a part of a group (Belonging)”

“Sharing our process/progress with the rest of the group. Hearing what others are doing.”.

“The meditation at the beginning.”

Prioritize your creative life

Having your painting time scheduled and not left to chance is an incredible relief to your inner artist and will add a bounce to your step as you go through the rest of your week. You will be so relieved not to have another year go by without really saying “Yes!” to one of your favorite parts of yourself.

Jumpstart your creative juju

There is something magical that happens when you tap into group energy while creating. It’s as if there’s more voltage available and the sense of tribe opens doors you didn’t even know were closed. Things happen in a group that simply couldn’t happen on your own.

Tuning In

Connect with more than some idea of a pretty painting. There’s a world of energy living inside you that would love to be expressed and engaged. Julie facilitates each class in a way that helps you tune into your heart and spirit and life beyond the superficial–which is probably what called you to painting in the first place.

Actually make some paintings

Enjoy the satisfaction of having actually created something!  No longer just a good idea or a secret desire, you will have art making in your life and you will have something to look back at months later. Honestly, my Mom’s sketchbook from 50 years ago is one of my favorite things in her attic


A Few Sample Paintings Created During Class

How does class meet? Online, via Zoom!

• Using Zoom (a video platform), we all group video chat and paint together.

• You can join the class from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

• You will want to have the strongest internet connection you can get. 

• It is up to you if you paint in the same room as your computer/device. 


The Shape of Our Time Together


We start and finish the class together as a group.  Beginning with a short creativity intro by Julie, we gently move into a short meditation, inspired poem and prompted writing reflection. 

Painting Time  

Then we paint.  For approximately 90 minutes with short feedback periods.  It is up to you if you paint in the same room as your computer/device.  

Coaching Time  

You always have access to coaching with Julie during the class.  You also receive 30 minutes every 3 months one on one time with Julie.

Facebook Group 

We have our very own private FaceBook group for this class.  It’s a lot of fun. Any of you can post photos of your paintings here as you wish.  For those of you who don’t Facebook–no worries, it’s optional.

“Working with Julie, I feel much freer to just let whatever happens be alright.  In the regular art classes I have taken, I have more of an expectation as to what I want to create and my final product to be. Julie creates a space where whatever shows up is perfect and this is profoundly liberating to me.”

Gaye Roth

Show Up and Paint is a dream come true

I feel most at home in creative expression and the blank page.  I journal, I draw with charcoals, I paint large scale with acrylics.  I have been leading sold out in-person intuitive painting workshops since 2005 in the Santa Fe NM area.

I am also a highly experienced and ICF certified life coach who knows how to listen and delights in creating spaces where others flourish. 

I created Show Up and Paint because gathering like-minded spirits together like this is a dream of mine.  I feel it is brings my strengths as a coach and an artist together in a beautiful way.  


“Let’s start with courage, add a lightness of being and never ever underestimate the power of play.”

“In Show Up and Paint, I feel really supported that I am not alone and I can step into my painting and have that support at my back but also have my own space to do it. Thank you.”

Diana Zumas

Here’s what to expect:

  • Safe, non-judgmental time and space to play in.

  • Freedom to explore any medium you like. People are currently working in acrylics, watercolor, pastels, pencils, and even writing!

  • Access to Julie during the class and depending on your membership, some one on one time with Julie outside the class.

  • A tribe of really kind fellow painters who help you appreciate and love your own work.

Here’s what won’t happen:

  • No one will tell you they like or don’t like your painting.

  • You won’t receive technical instruction. 

  • I won’t teach you to paint like me.  This is about you discovering your own way with paint and the creative process. 

I’m ready! How do I get started?

Show Up and Paint is an ongoing class, you can sign up at any time. My intention is for this group is to have a strong feeling of continuity, so I ask for a minimum commitment of three months. Most people prefer to sign up for six months because of the great pricing here.

Tuesday Afternoons

Meets three times a month, for two and a half hours.

‘Taster’ Class

If you’d like to try out Show Up and Paint before you sign up for the full class, contact Julie and she will invite to an upcoming free one hour Taster Class or a full free class, depending on time of year. 

Have Any Questions?

Julie is always happy to fill in any details. Reach out to her and she’ll get back to you right away.