Using Zoom For Show Up and Paint

Julie hosts her online sessions on the Zoom platform. If you’re using Zoom for the first time – or if it’s been a while – here are some tips to make attending the class stress-free.

The Basics:

  • We recommend using Chrome or Firefox as a browser. Safari can work, but we’ve had issues with it before. Internet Explorer does not play well with Zoom.
  • We also recommend – instead of using a browser –
  • If you are finding you have sound issues – some computers just don’t like to play nicely with the sound, we recommend as a back-up to call in using your phone while watching Julie. Since Zoom is stable and sync’d – you should not have any lag time between the phone and video.
  • During class, you can control your videos and mute (on and off) – you have the freedom to control these, so you can feel comfortable while online with us. We’d love it if you’re able, to keep your video on while you paint!


The Controls:

  • If Julie shares her screen – it will go full screen on your side. To get out of the full screen view, scroll to the top and use the pull down menu to “exit full screen”
  • You can choose “gallery view” (which shows everyone) or “speaker view” which will show Julie as the predominant view.
  • On the bottom of the view pane are your other controls. We will ask you periodically to use chat to connect – try it out!
  • Also on the bottom, you will see the “participant” button. This is how you can raise your hand during Q&A time. Click on that button, then look to the bottom of left hand corner and find the “raise hand” 
Sometimes folks can’t find that – just give us a shout in the chat box, and we can get you in the queue.
  • To use phone commands, you need to press ** (that’s star, star) and then the voice will give you instructions, to mute and unmute it is *6 and to raise your hand it is *9

Each time you use a voice command on the phone, you will need to press ** first


Although it is possible to attend the class by phone, we strongly recommend you attend by video in order to benefit from the full experience!


If you’re really into geeking out on tech – here’s a great help article that will walk you through some of the controls that are available to you.


See you in class!