Beginners Mind is a great place to be. 

Beginner’s Mind refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions. In the studio I am always asking for people to have a beginner’s mind when approaching the painting process.

This way of being steeped in awe and enthusiasm allows me a kind of curious play. I delight in this space.

That being said, in the last couple of years I find myself professionally sharing my expertise on bringing creative process together with coaching.  I can get quite uncomfortable if I am presented as an expert.

But I am also aware that I need to honor my experience and not pretend that I am the same as everyone else. I have hundreds (thousands?) of hours facilitating creative process.

I am discovering that this sense of experience and wisdom feels good too…but only as long as I still feel connected to the awe and wonder of being alive–still connected to a sense of mystery and beginner’s mind.

 There is a tension in the system here.   I cannot trade one for the other.

I think most of us will walk this edge at some point in our lives–being either a little too comfortable being good at something  and a little too uncomfortable being a beginner at something or visa versa.

  • Where are you hungry to be a beginner?
  • Where do you need to honor your experience and expertise in life?
  • And where is your desire to be really good at things getting in your way of playing, exploring and picking up a paintbrush or a pen?

This is great territory to take a look at.  And I am right there with you.