I’ve been changing.  I bet you have been too.
Do you remember last November? Wow…

Across the board, personally and collectively i feel like we are all making difficult decisions and finding ways to feel good in our own skin. 

For me this last year I have focused much more on building new structures than continuing business as usual–which means there have been many moments of doubt and survival instinct kicking in.  Sound familiar?

But there has been this pull of something new-something that was in me that I wanted to manifest—pulling me stronger than my comfort zone. 

It hasn’t been easy, but worth it.  Things are different. I have some things under my belt now that I have been talking about for years– –new studio, website, online class, making videos…

But even more than that—I have a sense of HOW important it is for me to get out of the way of what life wants to bring me.  New experiences to allow–regardless of the ruin my fear tells me is waiting for me if I do.

Collectively I see that things that went unnoticed or unacknowledged just yesterday are on the front page of the news—they just won’t stay out of the picture any longer.
It’s time.  For all of us.  To find the courage and support to put our energies into what is vital now. And to find support in the form of a tribe, or simply asking for help.  Not doing this all alone—not this time.

What will our lives look like if we really step to this kind of presence, vital living– what might be possible?

Let’s find out together!

In gratitude,