Why do we paint?  I mean, what is really getting us to the blank page? 
Instinctually I believe we sense that painting could change us somehow.  We sense that we could let loose, we could be bolder than we often feel. 
But our ego and our list-maker can easily come up with reasons to stop us in our tracks.

Never fear! If we give our natural inborn artist a voice, we won’t be fooled.  We are naturally inherently creative beings, ready to express ourselves beyond words.   
The ego may tell you you need to know how to paint before you ever pick up a brush
Your free self just wants to play and move some paint around.
Your ego may say you should be painting something that looks like something
Your free self loves to be surprised and to make discoveries.
Your ego may say you should be more abstract, like other people.
Your free self doesn’t care about comparisons.
Your ego may say you should be better by now, you’ve been painting for years
Your free self has always wanted permission to really just go for it without looking back.
There is a reason you may have heard the saying “Art Saves Lives” — because it does.
But we need to give our free self a voice–let it out of the closet and follow her lead.  

We need to give ourselves the time and the space and the safety to hear that voice.  It’s worth it–every second spent listening to your wise free self is worth it. And the more you practice listening, the easier it is to hear.